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Women at Work

The International Women’s Day is here and for the very first time, this day will be an actual holiday in Berlin. Women are special, women are strong, unique and beautiful, and we have some great women to be proud of.
Our Röststätte Berlin’s community holds some inspiring and special women, and what a better occasion than this date to shed some light on the women who work here and share their message to all women out there. Image below:Yvonne, Nicole, Saskia and Tal.
I start with the woman who conducts this ship, a woman I see as an example, one who always gives her best to be the best. Although in the picture, it looks like we are surrounding her, in reality, she’s the one who is always there with an open ear and an open heart to everyone and holds it all together even when some big waves are rising.
Yvonne Weller, 34 years in the hospitality business. At 2003 together with her husband, Ivo Weller they founded a company to sell Italian espresso machines. A few years later, in 2010 they purchased a Diedrich roaster and established their own coffee brand Röststätte Berlin.

For the question how is it to be a woman in the world of coffee and hospitality business she says:
“For me, it was never a problem, because I think women are stronger workers than men.”

A word from a woman to a woman, what is your message?
“Lebe deinen Traum — Live your dream. When you’ll do that then you’ll have fun.”
Nicole, an ambitious woman, the one who decorates our bar with trophies from Barista Championships, moved to Berlin to be a chef and in the last 5 years represents Röststätte Berlin with a lot of pride.
Competing since 2016 her greater achievement is winning the German Barista Championship in 2018!

For the question how is it to be a woman in specialty coffee she says:
“I would love to say I don’t feel any difference, but over the last years, I realized that I have to work harder and convince more people regarding my skills. I have to be more annoying and live with throwbacks. As a woman in coffee, you have to be passionate and strong. It shapes your mentality and for me it kind of works. I never want to give up, no matter how long my way might be, and how many people I’d have to convince.”

A word from a woman to a woman, what is your message?
“Be more self-confident! Stay hungry and try to learn and connect as much as possible.”
Saskia, shining eyes and warmth at heart. This woman is no less than the embodiment of the love for coffee and the proof that dedication eventually pays off. Working in a mini job does not hurt this young lady to be a crucial crew member as the value of her presence is bigger than her absence.

For the question how is it to be a woman in specialty coffee she says:
“I love to work in this industry because I love what I do and it’s my passion. For me, there is no difference to be a woman among men. I think that’s how it should be.”

A word from a woman to a woman, what is your message?
“We are strong. Believe and trust more in yourself even though it’s not always easy.”
I think it’s funny to write about myself, but I’m a woman and I love coffee, and there is a message I want to send to the world. I work in the coffee industry since 2011, as soon as I started I got this crazy coffee bug and my eyes started to shine! It’s the second thing in life that makes moves me. It was my first real job and it was the second thing I dedicated myself to besides being a professional soccer player.
I’m passionate about it!

How is it for me to be a woman in specialty coffee?
For me, being a woman never stopped me, not on the field nor behind the bar. I never compare myself to a colleague’s gender, but to her/his skills. I try to estimate my abilities with myself and then I go out to the world more confident in myself.

A word from a woman to a woman, what is my message?
It is time to recognize our gifts, our abilities. The way we are different or unique from the other gender is power. You have it, use it.
To give a peak and to share their message of some of our inspiring, strong, passionate women who make our work-place to an intriguing and full of passion experience of specialty coffee, is no less than a privilege for me. It has been my honor to get these women’s cooperation to eventually be able to publish this article. As for the rest of our amazing staff and colleagues: Claudia, Emma, Laura, Valerie, Miki, Özlem, Michela, Van Anh, Sabrina, Zaira, and Melina a big thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!

A human being.
A person.
A Woman.

Embrace who you are.

Text: Tal Mahlev
Photos: Laura Droße
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