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Our espresso selection
Our espresso roasts are 100% Arabica coffees and are gently and freshly hand-roasted by us in Berlin.
Choose between carefully blended espresso blends or single origins from a single farm or cooperative.
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Excellent espresso roasts
Espresso is defined by its method of preparation, in which hot water is forced at high pressure through finely ground coffee from roasted coffee beans. But this, of course, is only the technical meaning. With the espresso we also associate pleasure and emotion.
What is the difference between filter coffee and espresso roasts?
A significant difference lies in the method of roasting. We roast the coffees either as filter coffee or as espresso. The different roasting profiles have the advantage that we can adjust the parameters of roasting such as the duration and temperature individually to the espresso or filter coffee. This has a positive effect on the taste and we get coffees with a distinct body and an optimal ratio of sweetness and pleasant acidity. This is an advantage over so-called omni-roasts, which, when prepared as espresso, usually have an underdeveloped flavour profile or unpleasant acids in the beverage.
Filter coffee and espresso also differ in the method of preparation. In espresso, water at approx. 93-95 ° C is pressed through finely ground coffee powder at 9 bar pressure. The volume of a single espresso is 20-25 ml and the extraction time is usually 20-30 seconds. Filter coffee is different, here only gravity or very low manual pressure is used to pass the water through the coffee. Filter coffee can be brewed in different ways, with a filter machine of course but also with a V60, a AeroPress or a French Press. We have compiled various brew guides for this on our blog.
We are also happy to advise you on the phone about our coffees, training and products.
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