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About us
We're living within the world of specialty coffee. Get to know us and our mission.
As a roaster, barista and technical partner or in one of our barista training courses in Berlin.
At Röststätte Berlin, we are passionate about bringing out the full potential and individual character of coffee. We can only achieve this through absolute dedication from the very beginning. We roast arabica coffees only. Always fresh and gently by hand. Special arabica varieties are sensitive and require intensive care in cultivation, but their taste is sensational and worth a fair price.
Our drive is our conviction. Röststätte Berlin stands for the highest quality and can also be found in numerous companies, restaurants and cafés. Together with our long-term partners, we cultivate specialty coffee and thus a healthy and future-oriented value chain from which all parties benefit. From the coffee farmer to the final customer. From Source To The Final Cup.
"With our roasting, we want to highlight the special features of each variety, farm and origin of the coffee and process them in the best possible way."
Ivo Weller, Co-Founder & Head of Roasting, Röststätte Berlin
The Story of Röststätte Berlin
Our history begins already in the early 2000s with the creation of the company pro macchina da caffé. Our demands for quality have remained the same until today.
Jobs at Röststätte Berlin
Whether Barista, office or operations and service. You can find an overview of our current job openings here. Happy to meet you soon!
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