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Hello Coffee Lover!
Come with us on a journey through some of the best specialty coffees we can find, hand-roasted in Berlin since 2010. If you're around: We're happy to welcome you in our roastery café or in our coffee shop at Hackesche Höfe in Berlin Mitte.
At Röststätte Berlin it is our mission to inspire you for the world of specialty coffee. Especially with rare arabica coffees from small farms and cooperatives, barista workshops in Berlin and with premium coffee gear and espresso machines. Our filter coffees and espresso roasts are available online with global shipping. If you want to visit us please finde here our details with our opening times.
New Innovations
New Espresso Releases
Alto da Serra
ab 15,50 €
El Zacatin
ab 15,50 €
ab 15,50 €
Barista Academy
Register online for one of our coffee and barista courses in Berlin. We do workshops for home users and professionals.
Principles of quality
Röststätte coffees are fair traded, natural grown 100% arabica coffees and always hand-roasted freshly.
We roast our coffees gently by hand in our roastery in Berlin, so that the natural flavors can fully develop without creating undesirable acids. For a distinctive body and a versatile taste profile in the cup, we want to emphasize and optimally process the special features of the respective variety, farm and origin of the coffee with our roasting process. Our aim is to exploit the full potential of the green coffee through our way of roasting in order to highlight the valuable work of the coffee farmers and producers in the growing countries on the one hand, and on the other hand to guarantee you the best coffee taste for your espresso or filter coffee. These are our quality principles – from source to the final cup.
The basis for our specialty coffees are laid in the coffee country of origin, the cultivation, the elaborate harvesting by hand or the type of processing and fermentation are essential quality criteria. For our coffees we use ripe and hand-picked 100% arabica coffee beans, which are naturally grown as highland coffees in shady forests in a eco-friendly environment. When purchasing green coffee, we pay fair prices that are far above the world market level or "fair trade" labels offers. When trading coffee with our partners, we also focus on exceptional quality and transparency to provide all information of the origin online or on our packaging.
Premium coffee accessories for coffee lovers
For home, office or commercial use: At Röststätte you can buy espresso machines and grinders as well as selected accessories. In our store in Berlin Mitte you can shop with personal advice with an even larger selection.
From coffee makers for filter coffee like the Hario V60 hand filter or the iconic AeroPress, various hand grinders to a selection of espresso and barista accessories. In our online shop we carry various brands such as products from Hario, Kinto, Timemore, Rhinowares, Fellow Products, Cafelat and Brewista.
There are numerous accessories for the espresso machine to simplify the workflow. Care and cleaning accessories like our biodegradable espresso machine cleaner or barista accessories like teflon milk pitcher or tamping mat and tamper are practical tools for every home barista.
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Service & Support
We're happy to advise you by phone about our coffees, trainings and products.
For an on-site consultation, we ask you to make an appointment with us.
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