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Less than 5% of the annual world coffee harvest are rare specialty coffees.
A seasonal selection of these precious and special Arabica coffees we roast for you
fresh and gently by hand.
Various factors such as the cultivation of the coffee plant, the variety and the roasting are decisive for the quality of specialty coffee. The best known are the two varieties Arabica (coffea arabica) and Robusta (coffea canephora). However, the best quality can only be achieved with pure Arabica coffees. The complex aromas of the Arabica varieties are unique and vary depending on the variety.
Our quality promise
The principles for the purchase of our coffees can be summarized in the Röststätte quality promise, with which we are far above the level of usual certification offers. This allows us to create transparent conditions for you, roast the highest quality and at the same time enter into independent partnerships.
Trusted Trade is the term we use to describe the quality-oriented and trustworthy sourcing of our green coffees from the various growing regions. Our closest confidants or we ourselves visit the farm or the cooperative to taste and select the coffee on site after the harvest. Through this direct relationship, we maintain contact and exchange with all relevant partners such as coffee farmers or cooperative representatives. We benefit from quality control from the moment of cultivation and the farmers from fair prices that are far above the world market level.
A microlot is a specialty coffee that is only available in very small quantities and is often referred to as a community or single producer lot. Often, only a few bags are available for sale, sourced from smallholder farms. These coffees are grown under the best microclimatic conditions so that the plants can develop outstanding flavor profiles. The proportion of microlots in our range is very high, especially in the filter coffees and Seasonal Espressi. For this reason, our offer changes regularly.
The meaning Single Origin stands for the origin of the coffee from a single growing region. Our coffees are basically rated as Single Origin. We know the exact origin of our coffees and control this information to ultimately make it available to our customers. In this way, we want to create a greater awareness of the people who are responsible for the valuable work involved in growing and harvesting the coffee. This is an essential difference to conventional coffees, whose origin is often not made transparent.
Quality makes the difference
By cultivating high-quality Arabica specialty coffees, the farmers can benefit from prices
prices far above the world market level, secure their livelihoods and grow economically.
The basis for the quality of Röststätte coffees is laid in the country of origin. Many factors, such as the type of cultivation, the microclimatic conditions, the laborious harvesting by hand or the different preparation methods of the coffee cherries play a decisive role in the maturation of the high quality of our coffees.