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Brew Guide: How to brew coffee with the Hario V60

Whether in porcelain, copper or glass – the Hario V60 hand filter is not only a real eye-catcher, you can also brew very delicious coffee with it. We show you in 6 steps how to brew a delicious cup at home.
For decades, filter coffee was only ever brewed by grandma and grandpa in the old filter machine - but that has changed. Filter coffee has become a coffee speciality and is once again celebrated by young and old alike, preferably brewed by hand! We are big advocates of hand brewing methods, because controlled extraction lets you taste a wide variety of flavours in the coffee. We are particularly fond of the Hario V60 hand filter. It is now one of the classics among the manual brewing methods and ensures a clear and round taste in the cup. We show you how to brew your coffee easily at home with the Hario V60 hand filter and create an experience in your cup that is just like your trusted barista. 

Why Hario V60? 

Very simple! The Hario hand filter is cut in a V-shape, which is set off from the base at a 60-degree angle. Nerd Fact: Mathematically, the V60 design was initially a parabola defined by the formula y = x². 

What equipment you need

● V60 Hand filter 
● Paper filter
● Server
● Kettle
● Coffee grinder
● Scale
● Timer
● Tasty filter coffee (e.g. our El Zacatin, Colombia)

Basic data

● 15 g ground coffee 
● 240 ml filtered water - 94°C
● Grinding degree: medium/coarse
● Extraction time 3:30 - 3:45

Easy brew in 6 steps

Step 1

Boil the brewing water to a temperature of 94°C and weigh out 15 g of freshly ground coffee. The fresher the coffee, the more intense your taste experience will be.

Step 2

Bend the filter paper once at the edge and place it in the V60. Then rinse well with hot water so that the pores of the paper open up and the bland paper taste disappears. Then remove the excess water from the server.

Step 3

The coffee should be ground as shortly as possible before brewing. Place the server with the V60 on the scale and distribute the 15 g of coffee evenly in the filter paper. 
Small tip: A light tap with your fingers on the side of the V60 helps here.

Step 4

Set the scale to zero and start the timer. Add 40 g of water to all the coffee powder and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Blooming gives the coffee time to degas, as the CO2 is dissolved in the coffee and small bubbles form. To moisten the whole coffee bed, lift the V60 once briefly and give it a spin.

Step 5

At 00:30, we pour the hot water in circular motions until our scale shows 120 g. We pour the next infusion of 60 g of water at 1:10 minutes. The fourth and last pour follows after 1:50 minutes and we pour up to 240 g. To ensure that the extraction is even, we give the V60 another spin at the end.
Important: When infusing, it is important that the brewing speed remains the same throughout the entire brewing process.

Step 6

Between 3:30 and 3:45 minutes, all the water should have run through and a flat bed of coffee should be visible. Now all you have to do is pour the brewed coffee into your favourite cup, let it cool down a bit and enjoy!

Insider: If the coffee bed in the filter is holey or hilly, this is known as "channelling", i.e. spots in the coffee bed through which the water has passed more quickly. This can be avoided by brewing evenly.
Happy Brewing!
written by

Ken Braz

Ken is a senior barista at Röststätte Berlin and can usually be found at our café in Hackesche Höfe. In addition to his barista work with us, he also runs a coffee blog and is very active in the coffee community. In the Röststätte blog, he is your expert on the topic of brewing recipes and his work as a barista.
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