Mundayo Washing Station in Oromia, West Arsi
Picked, sorted, dried: This wonderful coffee is grown by smallholder farmers at an altitude of between 1945 and 2100 metres, who then take their harvest to the Mundayo Washing Station in West Arsi in southern Ethiopia for further processing. The Mundayo Washing Station is located in the Oromia region (in the West Arsi zone) and supports around 750 smallholder farmers. The farmers bring their coffee cherries to the washing station, where they are carefully sorted to remove damaged or unripe cherries. It is a naturally processed coffee that is dried in the sun on African beds for three weeks. The farmers in this region generally do not use fertilisers or pesticides in coffee production as they do not have access to them. Our coffee comes from our partner Cafe Imports, which works closely with the coffee farmers and cooperatives. This close relationship not only guarantees the high quality of the coffee, but also promotes a sustainable and supportive local partnership.
100% Arabica
Process: Natural
The Heirloom Variety is a collective term for rare varieties from Ethiopia that have not yet been identified or clearly named due to their genetic diversity. The reason: there are between six and ten thousand coffee varieties in Ethiopia – so every village in Ethiopia could have its own variety.
Red Apple
Strawberry Jam
White Blossom
Brew Guide
Our first release from the Mundayo Washing Station is here and we're very much looking forward to this exciting lot from Ethiopia. The coffee cherries come from over 750 smallholder farmers who grow their coffees organically at shady altitudes. This special lot consists exclusively of the Heirloom variety mentioned above and impresses with its complexity of flavour. Depending on the drinking temperature, you can expect a kaleidoscope of complex flavours and an intensely structured cup – typical of Ethiopia. The flavour reminds us of red apple, strawberry jam and white blossom.
Why we love Naturals
We love naturals, especially those from Ethiopia, as their sweet, fruity flavours win us over. Coffees processed as naturals are usually delivered on the day of harvest and are first sorted according to ripeness and quality before the dirt is rinsed off. They are then spread out on so-called African beds, where they are constantly turned during the drying process. Depending on the weather, drying can take an average of 8-25 days. After drying, the beans are mechanically de-fruited and then carefully sorted by hand. During the drying process, the sugary pectin layer penetrates the bean, which shapes the flavour profile of the coffee in the long term. This processing method is also more environmentally friendly than washed coffees, as it uses less water.
Tasting Notes
  • Flavour at hot temperature: Red baked apple
  • Flavour at medium temperature: Strawberry jam, white blossom
  • Flavour when cooled down: Cocoa, tangy acidity
  • Aftertaste: Long, cocoa
  • Flavour: Violet, bergamot, plum, floral-fresh
  • Texture: Silky
  • Body: Medium
  • Sweetness: Medium, fruity

Freezing Date

10-19 days after roasting date
  • Smallholder-Farm-Coffee from Ethiopia
  • natural process
  • Choose between 250g, 500g or 1kg ground or beans
  • Flavour profile: red apple, strawberry jam, white blossom
  • 100% Arabica – gently roasted by hand
  • Delivery by DHL, climate-neutral with GO GREEN
  • If you select collection on site, collection is possible from 2 pm after confirmation by e-mail
Sustainable cultivation and quality awareness
As with wine, the origin, cultivation and careful harvesting of coffee form the basis for a speciality coffee. We only use ripe and hand-picked 100% Arabica coffee beans for our coffees, as the painstaking manual harvest is an essential quality criterion. Our highland coffees are natural products and are grown in shady forest gardens in an environmentally friendly way. This preserves the biodiversity of the growing region. The coffee cherries can ripen slowly at cool altitudes with nourishing and fertile soil conditions. Under these optimal climatic conditions near the equator, the coffee plants have more time to develop their characteristic and fruity flavours.  
Freshly roasted by hand
All Röststätte coffees are gently roasted by hand in Berlin so that the natural flavours can fully develop without any unwanted acidity. For a distinctive body and a versatile flavour profile in the cup, we want to emphasise and optimally process the special features of the respective variety, farm and origin of the coffee with our roasting. The aim is therefore to exploit the full potential of the green coffee through our roasting method in order to emphasise the valuable work of the producers in the countries where the coffee is grown. These are our quality principles – from source to the final cup.
  • 20g ground
  • 300 ml filtered water at 92° C
  • Bloom for 30 seconds with 60g
  • Then infuse according to the recipe (60g – 60g – 60g – 60g) – always wait until the water has completely run through each time
  • Total brewing preparation / technique: 60g – 60g – 60g – 60g – 60g
  • Total brewing time: 2:55 minutes

You can read a complete general brew guide here in our blog. Use the key data listed above for brewing.



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