Peru | Cajamarca
We have a new contract with Cedros Cafe Cooperative in Peru, a coffee that can be found in some of our blends. The cooperative specializes in sustainable agriculture and the promotion of specialty coffee for its members. It is also committed to accessing public and private funding, participating in social projects, and supplying niche markets. Cedros Cafe now has 280 members and 10 permanent employees, with long-term management staffed by female producers, among others, and promoting new generations.
Ethiopia | Sidamo Acacia
The Ethiopian part in the Novum comes from the Sidamo region and is grown (often called Smallholder Farmers) and exported as a so-called Community Lot. The coffee is named Acacia after the Ethiopian national tree and contains the three different indigenous varieties, Kurume, Dega, Wolisho, which produce a tea-like, floral-fruity aroma in the cup.
Kenia | AB Plus
A fruity coffee that develops a beautiful bouquet of wild berries, sweet rock fruits and tangy notes in the novum with its sweetness. The Kenya AB Plus comes from a cooperative of many small farmers from the highlands of Kenya and is grown and washed at an altitude of over 1500 meters.
Dark wild berries
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Novum Ristretto
A fruity and complex ristretto or espresso with a balanced and aromatic fruity acidity. The taste is dominated by intense aromas of black currant and sweetness of dark chocolate. With the Novum you get an espresso blend with a particularly pleasant ratio of sweetness and berry fruitiness. You can use the Ristretto capsules with the capsule machine for the Nespresso system. They are ideal as a ristretto or classic espresso.
Since our early days, this 100% Arabica espresso has been a staple in our assortment. For the purchase of the three varieties in the Novum, we conclude annual contracts with a farm or cooperative. Three varieties are roasted, originating from Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia, which together create a finely structured taste experience in the espresso.
100% biobased and compostable
Consisting of wood fibers combined with lactic acid, the innovative wood capsules are made from 100% renewable raw materials and are DIN-CERTCO certified with test result 100% bio-based. The wood fibers are obtained from residues of sustainable, PEFC-certified forestry in southern Germany. The sustainable and climate-neutral disposal of the capsule is ensured by the use of renewable raw materials and 100% bio-based materials. The wood fibers decompose naturally – the lactic acid is certified according to DIN EN 13432 with regard to compostability.
  • Espresso Blend from Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya
  • Choose between 10 pieces, 25 pieces or a big box with 250 Ristretto capsules
  • Compostable coffee capsules made from wood fibers
  • Suitable as Espresso and Ristretto for Nespresso system
  • Flavor profile: dark forest berries, chocolate
  • 100% Arabica gently roasted by hand
  • Climate neutral delivery with DHL GO GREEN
  • If you select pickup on site, the pickup is possible after confirmation by e-mail from 2 pm
Sustainable cultivation and quality awareness
Similar to wine, the origin, cultivation and careful harvesting also form the basis for a specialty coffee. For our coffees, we use only ripe and hand-picked 100% Arabica coffee beans, because the elaborate harvest by hand is an essential quality criterion. Our highland coffees are natural products and are grown in shady forest gardens in a nature-friendly way. This preserves the biodiversity in the growing region. The coffee cherries can ripen slowly at cool altitudes with nutritious and fertile soil conditions. The coffee plants have more time to develop their characteristic and fruity aromas under these optimal climatic conditions near the equator.
Freshly roasted by hand
All Röststätte coffees are gently roasted by hand in Berlin so that the natural flavors can fully develop without unwanted acids. For a pronounced body and a versatile flavor profile in the cup, we want to emphasize and optimally process the special features of the respective variety, farm and origin of the coffee with our roasting. The aim is to exploit the full potential of the green coffee through our roasting process and to highlight the valuable work of the producers in the growing countries. These are our quality principles – from source to the final cup.
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