Cauca, Colombia
We are delighted to be working with the legendary Finca El Paraiso from Colombia. This innovative farm is a pioneer in fermentation techniques and has set global standards. Through dedicated research in coffee microbiology, the farm has developed its own equipment for the fermentation and drying processes in order to achieve the results achieved in the laboratory on an industrial scale. The team at El Paraiso Farm has developed the thermal shock technique for fixing flavors in the cell structure of coffee beans, which is used by coffee farmers all over the world.
Brew Guide
El Paraiso MF 360
This exceptional coffee comes from the renowned Finca El Paraiso
in the Cauca region of Colombia. The Castillo Lot impresses with a phenomenal flavor profile that also fits wonderfully into the winter season. We have selected a coffee for our Reserve coffee line that combines intense notes of coconut, cinnamon and chocolate pralines with a floral texture.
Double Anaerobic Fermentation
Thermal Shock Washing Technique

The process of this coffee, also known as “Kluveromyces Lactis”, is particularly unusual. It is a so-called double anaerobic fermentation using the thermal shock technique.

The coffee cherries are carefully harvested at the ideal time for ripening. The coffee cherries then undergo 72 hours of anaerobic fermentation in fermentation tanks before air is injected in the second phase – to initiate oxidation for 360 hours. This is followed by the “thermal shock washing process” to seal the coffee for the drying process. The coffee is then dried in a dehumidifier. The aim is to remove the moisture, preserve the fine coffee notes, prevent over-oxidation of the coffee bean and stop the metabolic processes – to avoid over-fermentation.

Social & economic impact of the world-renowned Finca El Paraiso.

Finca El Paraíso has one of the most innovative and technologically advanced facilities for the processing and drying of specialty coffees, with a complete water treatment plant, physical and sensory analysis, microbiological and technical laboratories to minimize the environmental impact and ensure the highest level of consistency and quality of the coffees. They act on the basis of a comprehensive, humanistic and inclusive concept, formulating feasible projects that focus on effective intervention models that inspire and encourage people to realize their dreams and bring tranquility and stability to their family and financial environment. From their processing plant, they have the privilege of serving more than 1600 coffee-producing families and providing them with the necessary means to increase the value of their coffee, thus generating a better income and consequently a better quality of life. In 2017, they founded the Finca El Paraiso Foundation – a non-profit organization with the aim of supporting health, education, sports, sustainable production projects and vulnerable individuals or families in the Cauca region.

  • Reserve Coffee El Paraiso MF360
  • Coffee rarity freshly roasted as filter coffee
  • Fermentation method: Double anaerobic fermentation
  • Shipped after roasting
  • Delivery quantity: 100g or 200g coffee beans or ground
  • Roasted by Ivo Weller (Co-Founder & Head Roaster)
  • Flavor profile: coconut, cinnamon, chocolate
  • Climate-neutral delivery with DHL Go Green
  • When selecting pick-up on site, pick-up is possible from 2 pm after confirmation by e-mail

Röststätte Reserve

With our most extraordinary coffees, we want to share a very special experience with you. A few times a year we have the pleasure of tasting some of the most exceptional coffees on the cupping table. The best from this selection are of such rare quality that they exceed all expectations. We call these coffees Reserve Coffees.

“Our aim is to highlight the various innovations from the world of specialty coffee – from the most renowned growing regions to experimental fermentation methods – such coffees are only available in the smallest quantities and are selected by us with the greatest care.”
(Ivo Weller)

Sustainable cultivation and quality awareness
As with wine, the origin, cultivation and careful harvesting of coffee form the basis for a specialty coffee. We only use ripe and hand-picked 100% Arabica coffee beans for our coffees, as the laborious harvesting by hand is an essential quality criterion. Our highland coffees are natural products and are grown in shady forest gardens in an environmentally friendly way. This preserves the biodiversity of the growing region. The coffee cherries can ripen slowly at cool altitudes with nutritious and fertile soil conditions. Under these optimal climatic conditions near the equator, the coffee plants have more time to develop their characteristic and fruity aromas.  
Freshly roasted by hand
All Röststätte coffees are gently roasted by hand in Berlin so that the natural aromas can fully develop without any unwanted acidity. To achieve a pronounced body and a versatile taste profile in the cup, we want to emphasize and optimally process the special features of the respective variety, farm and origin of the coffee with our roasting. The aim is therefore to exploit the full potential of the green coffee through our roasting method in order to emphasize the valuable work of the producers in the countries where the coffee is grown. These are our quality principles – from source to the final cup.
Unsere Brühempfehlung für den Handfilter V60
  • 20g ground
  • Grindsize Comandante: 33 clicks
  • 300 ml filtered water at 91° C
  • Bloom for 33 seconds with 60g
  • Then infuse according to the recipe (60g – 60g – 60g – 60g), always wait until the water has completely run through each time
  • Total brewing preparation / technique: 60g – 60g – 60g – 60g – 60g
  • Total brewing time: 3:15 minutes


You can read a complete general brew guide here in our blog. Use the key data listed above for brewing.


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