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VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech
The VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech is equipped with a reliable gravimetric scale. Thanks to the integrated scale, the result in the cup always remains constant and the barista has maximum control over the desired extraction. The desired weight of coffee in the cup is set via the settings. The technology measures the weight of the cup and the liquid through the extraction with every extraction. The Black Eagle software manages the entire extraction process, while the relevant parameters are shown on the group's display. The Black Eagle Gravitech is an espresso machine for coffee shops with high quality standards and is therefore highly appreciated by the speciality coffee scene worldwide.
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VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech

The gravimetric scale makes daily work even more precise. The barista can optimally measure the brew ratio, i.e. the weight of the ground coffee in relation to the liquid. The shot time and the weight of the liquid in the cup are shown in real time on the respective group display. Maximum precision and control for the barista, who can set the parameters on each brewing group.

The two renowned baristas and former WBC champions James Hoffmann and Gwilym Davies were once again involved in the development of the Gravitech. The espresso machine was also extensively tested in a number of coffee shops by Colin Harmon, for example, prior to its market launch. We have also been working very reliably with the espresso machine in our cafés for many years.

Technical Highlights
  • Gravimetric scale
    A scale integrated into the espresso machine makes it easier for colleagues to work together and significantly optimises the workflow.
  • T3 technology – thermal stability
    The T3 temperature control guarantees thermal stability regardless of the intensity of the work phases. T3 technology allows the water temperature in each brewing group to be set manually.
  • Group Display
    For maximum control, the barista can observe how long the shots are running at each brewing group. The Gravitech also displays the weight of the liquid in the cup.
  • Easy Control TFT Display
    The barista can operate the espresso machine conveniently via the TFT display. Shot time, brewing temperature, boiler pressure, additional pre-infusion and energy consumption can be easily set and monitored.
  • Cool Touch Wall

    The Cool Touch steam pipes (thermally insulated steam lever) prevent scalding and enable optimum and rapid cleaning.

  • Various colours
    The Black Eagle is available in stainless steel, black and white as standard.
Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino is now one of the leading manufacturers of premium espresso machines and espresso grinders and had been a supplier to the World Barista Championchips since 2015 with its Black Eagle model. The company, which is part of the Simonelli Group, is based in Belforte del Chienti on the Italian Adriatic coast and was founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino. We have been working successfully with Victoria Arduino for many years and have taken over general distribution for the brand with our second company VA espresso machines GmbH.

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