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Sensory Masterclass



This course is the first part of a special masterclass series by Barista Champion, Roaster & Q-Grader Vladyslav Demonenko from Ukraine. This 3-hour class is all about training your sensory skills. Vlad will guide you through the most important basics about sensory calibration, evaluation, roasting defects, how to understand better different flavours of coffee and of different processing methods. Together with Vlad all participants will attend a professional cupping with a Q-grader to refine the perception of aroma and taste. You can register directly for the event. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to aid projects in Ukraine.

What you learn in this course

The topics include in detail:

  • Importance of sensory
  • Sensory calibration
  • Perception of aroma and taste
  • How to understand better coffee flavours and processing methods
  • Roasting defects
  • Professional cupping with a Q grader
  • Duration of the masterclass: approx. 3 hours
  • Trainer: Vladyslav Demonenko


As a two-time Ukrainian Coffee in Good Spirits champion, Vlad was already a rising star in the European coffee community before the World Championship in Milan. Despite the horrible circumstances in Ukraine, Vlad, who is also a trained Q-grader and coffee roaster, managed to to prepare for the World Championship at our roastery and was awarded the title of World Championship runner-up! Since then, Vlad, whose home is in Dnipro, has been touring Europe and organizing charity pop-ups where he presents his cocktails and raises awareness about the situation in Ukraine.

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